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News :: New Signing: The Bloodsugars

March 31st, 2008 by Engine Room Recordings | Subscribe To The News Feed [ News]

The team over here at Engine Room Recordings is tremendously excited to announce the first signing of 2008: The Bloodsugars. LEad by songwriter extraordinaire Jason Rabinowitz the ‘sugars are a great indie rock band that will get you moving on the dance floor. Infectious, synthy indie pop writing, excellent musicianship, great people. We will be releasing their BQEP digitally April 1st through Amie Street and April 8th digitally everywhere else including iTunes. The physical release will be towards the end of May with a spectacular to-be-announced release show. Oh and they’re playing a little venue called Madison Square Garden April 12th too headlining the half-time show for a Titans LaCrosse game. Special tickets on sale for that soon. Go check out the EP as it’s streaming in full on the The Bloodsugars MySpace page and be sure to let us know what you think!

Ooh, and news on the second volume of Guilt By Association coming soon! The Bloodsugars are in the middle of recording their version of a powerful little 80’s dance theme!

— Wes

News :: Off to SXSW + New Porter Block Album Coming

March 10th, 2008 by Engine Room Recordings | Subscribe To The News Feed [ News]

Engine Room Recordings is off to SXSW for a week of hard work in the band scouting department and to spread the word on our upcoming releases.

Porter Block just came off their tour with Deep Blue Something and they’ve finished their new album Off Our Shoulders, recorded at their very own newly constructed Brooklyn studio. The tracklisting and cover are below and we will be celebrating the release April 10th at the Crash Mansion (NYC) with a big album release show with a limited open bar and free entry! Keep the date!

1. Second Wind
2. The Times Between The Good Times
3. List Of Things to Do
4. Lonely Levon
5. Sun Goes Down
6. All Of Who I Am
7. Happy Everything
8. What The Future Holds
9. Well’s Gone Dry
10. Cream Delicious

We will also shortly be announcing a new signing we are very excited about and report on some additional exciting news! Also remember we have our monthly Guilt By Association shows every first Thursday of each month at 9pm at the Parkside Lounge. Next: April 3rd Josh Beckerman, Jeff Schram and Rosy Nolan.