Engine Room Recordings (ERR) is an independent record company based in New York City. We also own and operate an established recording studio complimented by award-winning mixing and mastering services. For more information about the studio, click here.


How does an artist or band get signed to Engine Room Recordings?

Well first of all we don’t really sign artists or bands to the label, its more a partnership to release a specific body of work; there are no long term contracts the artist or band is locked in to.  The artists we like to work with, besides having great music, are ones with a strong work ethic that mirrors our own. Other very important things include, a love for performing and connecting with music lovers, and an entrepreneurial knack. Being creative and full of ideas doesn’t hurt either. Plus being nice is kind of a requirement.

Can we send you our demo? Are there any requirements?

It should sound good and be special. Another thing you can do is send a concise e-mail describing what you’re about as an artist, what you’re trying to achieve and have already done, and a link(s) to your presence online.

Gosh, I really love what you folks do at Engine Room Recordings and especially the music that you release. How can I help or get involved?

First of all, thank you! That’s a very nice thing to say and offer. We’d love if you’d start by telling your friends about the bands you like. Make them a mix cd (or playlist), bring them to a show, send them a link, etc. We also are always in need of passionate street teamer’s and interns that can help by designing or passing out flyer’s/posters/stickers/etc. Tell us what you’re doing and we will come up with ways to reward and help you. If you want to get involved in your local music scene and be involved in a way by hosting artists, putting on shows, getting involved with your college radio stations, scouting artists, being involved on message boards, etc. then get in touch! If you have the passion and the work ethic, we will be glad to help! Just let us know.

How do I get an internship at Engine Room Recordings?

E-mail your resume and cover letter to info at engineroomrecordings dot com

Goodness, who designed this awesome website?

The designing of this website was a collaborative effort between Jeff Schram of Schram Industries, and Wesley Verhoeve.

Mailing Address:

42 Broadway
22nd Floor
NYC NY 10004

Mark Christensen | Owner | e-mail
Chris Hacker | Label Manager | e-mail


Mark Christensen (Owner) brings experience from many different areas in the music world. Formerly signed to both major and indie labels, Mark toured with Radiohead, the Wallflowers, the Gin Blossoms, and others. Mark is also a music studio owner (Engine Room Audio), an experienced mixing/mastering engineer (Ben Folds, Gavin DeGraw, Moby, Nick Cave, Ben Kweller, etc.), and a producer.

Chris Hacker (Label Manager) originally hails from Chicago and the Radio world with stints at promoter Jeff McClusky and Triple A powerhouse WXRT 93.1, organizing radio events and coordinating street activities. Chris took to traveling throughout Europe in 2004 and when he returned to the US made the decision to relocate to New York City. Upon his arrival in his new home town, he started working with several independent artists and in April of 2006 joined the ERR team as Director of Tours and Promotion. In addition Chris also founded Howling Clue Entertainment, a NACA affiliated college booking agency. In 2009, Chris took on the role of Label Manager.

Interns Last but not least, we have an amazing team of interns that help out in a million ways and keep our ears to the street. Mostly college students and recent graduates, our interns come from a wide variety of backgrounds and generally stay with us for one semester. During their internship, they gain valuable experience in a wide range of duties and get an excellent glimpse into different careers within the music industry. If you’re interested in applying to our intern program, send your resume to info@engineroomrecordings.com with INTERN in the subject line.

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