Israel Darling

l_a377aee4548c06347046185c88abd144 What We Say:

Feeling trapped and isolated is a way of life in Western North Carolina. From the former milltowns akin to Drexel to the tourist driven city of Asheville, it’s easy to be in debt and alone until you’re gray. And so the tale of Greensboro, North Carolina’s Israel Darling began. Born out of 21 year old frontman Jacob Darden’s coming-of-age trials and tribulations, Israel Darling is Darden, Jeff Bechtel, Isaac Crouch, Anna Harris, Edwin Mericle, and Ben Welner.

What They Say:

“[Darden] is a revelation throughout this album. His songwriting is poignant and honest…Darden’s voice is striking and emotive, but it’s also very soothing at the same time. Israel Darling is not just trying to ape its way to the top. This band truly explores the sound and fills every inch of space with sound that matches their leaders emotive delivery.” — Poptarts

“It is an immediately engaging album that keeps it’s momentum up from the first track to the last, while taking great thematic risks in the material he chooses to explore – specifically religion and drug addiction – but doing so with utter care and to stirring effect.” 90/100 – Yes! Weekly

” Darden finds his greatest success in the gently strummed, fragile ballads that display the character in his voice and his well crafted and lonesome songwriting.” – Stark Magazine

“Acoustic and jangly but the polar opposite of mellow, Hickory’s Israel Darling draws a little rock twang and swagger into their clever Choen meets Bacharach meets Buckley stew, and it sure does work. Vocalist and songwriter Jacob Darden has a knack for delivering the damndest lyric at just the right time, with a voice somewhere in the area of Jump Little Children’s Jay Clifford and Andrew Bird, peppered with a tad of David Gray. Smart arrangements, crafty use of sound […] and no shortage of heartbreak in the material make for some great ingredients. Well worth a listen.” – Chris Cooper, Smoky Mountain News

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