News :: Snoop Doggy Dogg Tribute Album Announced!

November 29th, 2013 by Engine Room Recordings | Subscribe To The News Feed [ News]


What started out as a crazy idea one night over drinks is actually really now happening! On Dec 17th Engine Room will be releasing our tribute album to Snoop Doggy Dogg’s classic debut Doggystyle…an album that believe it or not just celebrated its 20th Anniversary!

Our concept was to recruit bands that didn’t have a traditional hip-hop sound and to take them out of their element by challenging them to cover these legendary hip-hop songs to see what would happen. The result was definitely interesting to say the least and we couldn’t be more pleased. Garrison Starr turned “Gin And Juice” in to a beautiful heartfelt acoustic piece, Holy Folk produced a Modest Mouse-esque version of “Ain’t No Fun”, and The Tubetops took “Lodi Dodi” in to a magical land of trippy new wave synth pop.

American Songwriter premiered “Gin And Juice” this week, saying “Garrison Starr and PJ Pacifico’s poignant take on Snoop Dogg’s immortal “Gin And Juice” is beautifully done. Fo shizzle.”

Listen for yourself here!

Full track list here:

01. “G Funk Intro” – Tropic of Pisces
02. “Gin And Juice” – Garrison Starr Feat. PJ Pacifico
03. “Tha Shiznit” – T.H. White
04. “Lodi Dodi” – The Tubetops
05. “Murder Was The Case” – Modern Rivals
06. “Serial Killa” – Jamie Block
07. “Who Am I (What’s My Name)?” – The Spring Standards
08. “For All My N***** And B******” – Viola Dana
09. “Ain’t No Fun” – Holy Folk
10. “Doggy Dogg World” – Cookie Rabinowitz
11. “Gz And Hustlas” – Motive Feat. Scraps
12. “Pump Pump” – CUZ

Doggystyle Restyled: A Tribute To Snoop Dogg will be released officially on December 17th.

Hope you enjoy!

News :: Parts 4 & 5 of the Pinkerton Tribute “Making of” coming ‘atcha!

October 12th, 2012 by Engine Room Recordings | Subscribe To The News Feed [ News]

Here are the last two videos in SonicScoop‘s documentary of the making of our tribute to Pinkerton.  In the first video Tim Noyes from Aunt Martha performs and talks about his cover of “Butterfly”.  We had envisioned this song as being a solo acoustic number and couldn’t of asked for a better performance than what Tim produced for us.

Then equally as impressive in the next video NYC band Xylos adds some 80s esque spice to Pinkerton with their rendition of “The Good Life”.  Watch them below!

News :: New Release: “Engine Room Recordings Presents: A Tribute to Pinkerton”

September 18th, 2012 by Engine Room Recordings | Subscribe To The News Feed [ News]

Nearly two years ago now we had the idea to take a short break from our Guilt By Association cover series and make a tribute to a classic album instead.  And today is the day, our Pinkerton Weezer tribute is finally out!

Always a risk when covering such classic songs but we couldn’t be any happier sharing this with the world, the bands and everyone involved did such a terrific job.  While staying true to the originals they added such unique twists on these classic songs — Wakey!Wakey! replaces guitars for synths on “El Scorcho”, Dinosaur Feathers adds horns and gang vocals to “Tired of Sex” and Rob Cantor of Tally Hall, creates pop magic with his version of “Why Bother?”.  Also included in this set is a beautiful, almost dark, ukulele rendition of B–Side “You Gave Your Love to Me Softly” from Canon Logic.

To listen head over to our store where it’s streaming in full or visit iTunes, Spotify, Rdio, whatever your favorite digital store of choice is and you’ll find it.  Once you do we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.  Last but not least, we’d like to thank Weezer for making such a great album.


News :: Part 3: Dinosaur Feathers records “Tired of Sex”

September 8th, 2012 by Engine Room Recordings | Subscribe To The News Feed [ News]

Watch here as Brooklyn’s Dinosaur Feathers talk about and record their killer take of “Tired of Sex” for our upcoming Pinkerton tribute album courtesy of the great folks at SonicScoop.

Also reviews are coming in already and people are liking it, they’re actually liking it. Read what Social Music Today had to say about our tribute here!

News :: Part 2: Jenny Owen Youngs records “Getchoo”

August 23rd, 2012 by Engine Room Recordings | Subscribe To The News Feed [ News]

The second video in the on going SonicScoop series documenting the making of our Pinkerton tribute album is here for your viewing pleasure. Find out why Jenny decided to pick “Getchoo” and catch a sneak peek of her and the band performing the song. Enjoy!

News :: Pinkerton Tribute Announced!

August 2nd, 2012 by Engine Room Recordings | Subscribe To The News Feed [ News]

We’re very excited to announce our next compilation over here at Engine Room, a tribute to one of the best under appreciated, and nowadays there are some who would say over appreciated, records, but it’s one of my personal favorites, Weezer’s Pinkerton.

Each of the ten songs that make up the record have been covered in their own unique way by ten different artists. Most of the recording was done at our parent company Engine Room Audio‘s studio in Manhattan, and the great folks over at SonicScoop came in and documented the process for us.

The first video is posted below featuring Rob Cantor of Tally Hall doing an amazing rendition of “Why Bother?”. Please check it out and check back soon for more videos, next up will be Jenny Owen Youngs and her band rockin’ out on “Getchoo”. And look for the worldwide release of our Pinkerton Tribute on September 18th.


News :: Canon Logic Premier Music Video For “No Domino”

June 4th, 2012 by Engine Room Recordings | Subscribe To The News Feed [ News]

News :: Canon Logic’s “Rapid Empire” Makes Year End Best of Lists!

December 17th, 2011 by Engine Room Recordings | Subscribe To The News Feed [ News]

We don’t release any music here at Engine Room Recordings that we don’t actually really really like ourselves, I know, crazy right.  If you looked at my play count on iTunes all our releases can be found at the very top….well except for that Casey Shea cover on GBA 1, just kidding Casey!  So it’s nice when others enjoy the music just as much as us. The great folks at The Wild Honey Pie placed Rapid Empire on their Top 15 EP’s of 2011 list, and they sit there in great company with Foster the People, Surfer Blood and Dom to name a few.  Atlas and the Anchor also named Rapid Empire to their 2011 Top EP list…thanks Justin!  Then podcast Indie Soup Runner included title track “Rapid Empire” in their “best of” end of the year show (listen here!).  And last Jeff Giles, Editor-In-Chief at Popdose, listed Rapid Empire as one of his favorite albums of the year saying “I’d never heard of Canon Logic before listening to these songs, and they provided five of the year’s most pleasant surprises for me. Maybe they’ll do the same for you.”  Yes, maybe you! So if you haven’t listened to Canon Logic yet this year there’s still time, check them out here.

Happy Holidays!

News :: New Release: “Guilt By Association Vol. 3”

November 15th, 2011 by Engine Room Recordings | Subscribe To The News Feed [ News]

Engine Room is back with another installment of our covers compilation series Guilt By Association. The Guilt By Association concept is easy, we ask artists to cover songs that one could call a guilty pleasure, but the catch is we all love these songs guilt free! Past volumes included tracks by Devendra Banhart, Will Oldham, Superchunk, My Brightest Diamond, Matt Pond PA, and Frightened Rabbit covering artists such as Mariah Carey, My Chemical Romance, Ace of Base and Destiny’s Child.

On Guilt By Association Volume 3 we’ve gone one step further and added a theme within this theme. For this newest installment all the songs had to be plucked from everyone’s favorite genre, 80’s hair metal! Vol. 3 features Helmet covering Loudness, Mike Viola tackling Ratt, Madison Square Gardeners doing Poison, Canon Logic taking on Cinderella and Bird of Youth covering Skid Row. It’s streaming and available for sale on our music/store page here. Please check it out and let us know what you think!

And we couldn’t of asked for a better album cover (below) for this newest edition, many thanks goes to the very talented Carolyn Wachnicki for the amazing design.


News :: Engine Room Recordings Official CMJ Showcase!

October 13th, 2011 by Engine Room Recordings | Subscribe To The News Feed [ News]

For our CMJ party this year we’ve partnered up with Easy Apple promotions to present an amazing lineup of bands for the opening night of CMJ. Please join us at Spike Hill this coming Tuesday night for Peasant, Shayfer James, Johanna & The Dusty Floor, Canon Logic, American Babies, Lowry and closing out the night is The Revivalists from New Orleans. Free to CMJ badge holders or $8 at the door, which works out to like a buck a band, can’t beat that. For set times and links to the bands visit the official facebook invite.

Hope to see you at the show!